Thursday, March 25, 2010

mini review: 2045: A Story of Our Future

by Peter Seidel Prometheus Books 2009 333 pages

Carl goes into a coma in 2010 and wakes up 35 years later. He's still 40 years old, but the world has drastically changed. The environment has gone to hell, with predictable extreme heat, and eight corporations run the world with undercover police.

It's a good dramatic premise, and Carl's dilemma is believable. But too much explanation distances us from the action. Carl is too often "astounded" and "bewildered." Other flaws include a sometimes pedantic tone and a rather preachy "Afterthought."

Carl's adventures are convincing, but one wishes Seidel had immersed himself more subjectively in this all too probable new world.

My own futuristic eco-thriller, Human Scale, has just been published, by Plain View Press. You'll find it both more engrossing and more chilling than Seidel's.

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